the hatred of Jews in Germany is back on the scene. The last anti-Semitism report of the government comes to the conclusion that a single anti-Semitic Comments are widely used. For example, the call for a “final stroke” under the operations of the third Reich. In this demand for the anti-Semitism typical reversal resonates with – perpetrators to Victims, victims to perpetrators.

the right-wing populist AfD pushes the Horn. Now, the party resists, you have prepared the ground for the attack on a synagogue in Halle, at the this week two people were murdered. The were “baseless defamation” and “slander,” said Alice rye, Chairman of the AfD in the Bundestag. Party leader Alexander Gauland, spoke of “unlimited solidarity” of the AfD with the Jewish community in Germany.

it was Gauland, of the “Hitler and the Nazis” a few months ago as “bird shit in over 1000 successful years of German history” has played down.

And then there’s always the Thuringian AfD-land-in-chief Björn Höcke. Recently, Höcke broke off an Interview with the ZDF. The Journalist had shown him at the beginning of a Video. In it members of the AfD in the Bundestag quotes from Höcke were submitted, and asked: “Is the from “My struggle”, or of Mr Höcke?” Höckes party colleagues were not able to tell the difference.