Russia is apparently planning to shoot a commander of the armed forces in Ukraine. This is reported by the Russian human rights group Gulagu Net, which works for prison inmates. Accordingly, Viktor Sevalnev should be punished for withdrawing his unit from the front.

According to Gulagu Net, the 43-year-old was serving a four-year prison sentence in Russia for a robbery. At the beginning of October he was then sent to war. Gulagu Net writes: “On the night of October 3-4, Sevalnev and more than 100 other detainees were taken to a camp. They were provided with uniforms and weapons and told they were being sent to the 7th Chistyakovskaya Motor Rifle Brigade by order of Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Putin.”

According to his wife, Sevalnev had previous experience of the Chechen war. He was assigned to the 7th Company and when its commander was killed, the superiors made Sevalnev the leader of his unit.

Sevalnev was said to have been wounded several times in the fighting in Ukraine. Despite this, his superiors repeatedly forced him to return to the front. Even when his son died in another unit, he had to keep fighting.

The units suffered heavy casualties. Up to half the men died. And the rest fled from the front.

The wounded Sevalnev was taken to a military hospital. However, as Gulagu Net reports, he was taken out there. “Members of a special unit came to the hospital and took him to the headquarters. There he is to be shot.”

The human rights organization writes: “Sevalnev is not a popular figure. He fought in this war as a mercenary. He killed people. But nobody has the right to shoot prisoners.” The activists have sent a request to President Putin and the boss of the notorious Wagner mercenary group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, to stop the execution.

It is not yet clear when the execution is planned.