ATOR asked the government to compensate the tour operators, the losses due to coronavirus in China

“the Association of tour operators of Russia” (ATOR) has asked the government to compensate the tour operators, the losses incurred due to the outbreak of the coronavirus in China.

tourism is one of the industries that suffered losses due to the coronavirus, and the loss of tour operators has reached 450 million rubles, according to “Vestnik ATOR”.

restrictions on the sale of products in China occurred in the high season. Tour operators not only stopped selling tourism products, but in the 10-day period immediately taken of all Russian tourists in Russia at your own expense.

the money for air transportation and ground handling of tourists tour operators listed by the Russian airlines and host companies in China, however, the tour operators in the majority of cases did not receive the money back, says ATOR.

the Losses suffered are also the tour operators that some tour programs embed targeted for Chinese tourists on winter, spring and summer 2020, already paid by the tour operators. Direct losses reached 140 million rubles.

Rosturizm 24 Jan advised Russian tourists in China is not to leave the hotel in connection with the become frequent cases of infection with coronavirus, and Russian tour operators and travel agents to suspend the sale of tours to China.

the Federal tourism Agency on January 29 appealed to the Federal air transport Agency to recommend airlines to tour operators to return money for tickets to China with departure date from January 24, 2020