the Inhabitant of Stavropol territory Anton Shilovsky managed to get into the Guinness book of records and the Guinness book of records of Russia, setting a world record in the deadlift. As have informed in a press-service of administration of Stavropol, city in one minute managed 55 times to raise the barbell weighing exactly 100 pounds.

“got a letter from the Guinness book of records, stating that I broke the record for the deadlift and set a new. Now he officially belongs to me. I want to thank everyone who helped me that day, it is our common achievement,” wrote Anton Shilovsky in his account Instagram.

the Record was set on 2 February 2020 and in the framework of the rules, was it a long review. In early April, the achievement recorded in the book of records of Russia, and on July 9 came the confirmation from the organizing Committee book of world records.

Interestingly, in addition to sports Shilovsky works as a teacher in Stavropol gymnasium №2 4 name of Lieutenant General of justice M. G. sound.