In front of the White house, clashes of protesters with the staff of the U.S. Secret service, which guards trump and other senior officials. The incident was reported by CNN.

Clashes near residence of the head of the state lasted more than five hours. Demonstrators began an altercation with the presidential guard, throwing agents, plastic bottles and other objects tried to overturn metal barriers. Secret service personnel in response sprayed the crowd with pepper spray.

The American regime in those days had to deal with mass demonstrations of supporters of civil rights and liberties. A large part of the streets of African Americans.

They are furious with the brutal murder of a black man in Minneapolis. A local resident, security guard George Floyd died after the white police officer applied a rear naked choke during the arrest. The episode was caught on video and sold on the social networks all over the world. The city began the rallies took to the streets, supporters of the movement against racism.

The protests escalated into riots and pogroms spread to other cities. Yesterday in California, two agents of the Federal service suffered serious gunshot wounds. One died later.

According to CNN, more than 30 major US cities covered by the defiance. Rallies held in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, new York, Indianapolis, Boston, Detroit.

Protests over the murder of George Floyd continued on Saturday morning in Lincoln, Nebraska. About 200 citizens were arrested in Houston. The us government decided to pacify the discontented citizens by force. The police announced that the gatherings are no longer regarded as a peaceful protest. The participants will be arrested. On the suppression of rallies in Minneapolis sent two thousand National guard soldiers and armored vehicles imposed curfews.