Four collectible emerald with a total weight of 4.8 kilograms produced at the Kirov mine in the Sverdlovsk region.

“This is the first mass find stones of this quality for the last 20 years – noted in the state Corporation rostec, which owns the mine. – Value nuggets can reach 40 thousand dollars.”

the Emeralds found on the tape conveyor during sorting of the breed. Now the find was transferred to the Gokhran of Russia, to denote values. Then a decision is made to implement them. Because these emeralds are valued higher than small, chances are that sell them much more quickly.

the weight of the nuggets ranges from one to one and a half kilograms, and the price – from seven to 11 thousand dollars. The stones are the correct shape, dark green color and good grade.

“During the first half of the year at the Malyshev field have already discovered six large emeralds is more than in all of 2019 and twice the figures for the year 2018”, – said General Director of “RT Capital” Kirill Fedorov.

According to him, such luck – the result of crushing technology ore, which the company moved in the new development strategy.

“We have set fractional equipment, which increased the size of the stones while preserving their natural shape in the finished raw materials,” – said a top Manager of the Corporation.