At the time of the disaster were forbidden to go bankrupt

the Moratorium may be imposed in “exceptional cases”, the draft law of the Cabinet the list is not closed, that is, it can be supplemented.

the Moratorium will be introduced by the act government, in which shall be specified in certain types of economic activity and categories of persons or list of recent. That is referred to in the act category and the scope will extend the moratorium on bankruptcy.

In the state Duma told about the timing of the introduction of a tax on income on deposits

the validity of the prohibition on filing of applications for bankruptcy will also determine the government. The period may be extended if no longer the circumstances giving rise to the moratorium.

bankruptcy filings filed during the term of the ban, will be returned to the submitter. Will not be able to submit an application to the court, and those creditors, who even before the introduction of restrictions has published a mandatory notice of its intention to apply to the court.

In case at the time of the moratorium the court has not opened the procedure in the case, it will be suspended.

the bill, stated in the explanatory Memorandum, will help ensure that the legitimate interests of subjects of entrepreneurial and other economic activities.