At the Stuttgart Christopher Street Day (CSD), the controversial song “Layla” sounds from the car of the SPD. The party-internal queer working group is now criticizing the comrades in Baden-Württemberg.

The song “Layla” is and remains a controversial topic that has now also reached the SPD in Baden-Württemberg. The comrades in the Ländle are in trouble because that song could be heard from their car at the Stuttgart CSD. The “Working Group of the SPD for Acceptance and Equality” announced on Twitter that the case would be processed.

A Juso (youth organization of the SPD) had previously posted a video of Sunday’s move and wrote: “Imagine it’s CSD and some old men are doing an incredibly misogynist song first.”

The working group wrote: “We immediately contacted the comrades in Stuttgart to work up the incident. According to our information, the playing of the song was stopped very quickly. We expressly dissociate ourselves from playing this song on a SPDqueer CSD car and reject any kind of sexist or misogynist music.”

The Ballermann hit “Layla” has been under criticism for weeks since Düsseldorf and Würzburg banned the song from their folk festivals. The critics state that the song is sexist and misogynistic.