After the already legendary TV Zoff between Toni Kroos and Nils Kaben, the ZDF reporter now describes the situation in detail. The footballer had angrily ended the interview with the reporter after the Champions League final. Excessive, thinks Kaben.

The TV Zoff by Toni Kroos and ZDF reporter Nils Kaben after the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool FC had a cult factor just a few days after the game. The real star ended the live interview after just a few questions in a rage and left the reporter puzzled.

Kaben now comments in detail on the special situation and what was going through his head during it. “My first thought was: Oh my goodness, what’s going on now?” describes Kaben in an interview with “Spiegel”. “Did I make a stupid comment that justifies someone reacting so violently?” he wondered.

The journalist only had time to think about it after further field interviews with David Alaba and Thibaut Courtois. Later, speaking quietly to his colleagues, he asked, “‘Was it my fault, come on, tell me?! I was then somewhat reassured when they replied: ‘No, you could perhaps phrase the last question differently. But you don’t have to react like that.'”

Kaben now admits this self-critically, but he still considers the reaction to it to be exaggerated. “I can phrase the question better. Clearly. But everyone had seen the game. Liverpool had a shot on goal ratio of 23:3,” he says. It’s not the job “to keep pouring water into the most beautiful wine. But if the course of the game is as clear as between Real and Liverpool, then you can address that in a question,” says Kaben.

Kroos could have used it as a template to highlight Real’s strength and “react appropriately to it. Isn’t that negative? But that’s how Kroos felt. At best, it was a misunderstanding under a lot of adrenaline.”

At least the 54-year-old didn’t see his questions as criticism. “To take that as a reason to call it a ‘fucking question’ and leave… I don’t know.”

Kaben still thinks it’s exaggerated that Kroos angrily ended the interview. “As a journalist, I would have had to behave badly so that the interview guest just walked away. For example, when you ask private questions that don’t belong there. Then you can say: I think you’re crazy! But turning a factual question about the course of the game into something personal is not possible.”

He also spoke to colleagues about the scene: “And we came to the conclusion that a player shouldn’t behave like that.”

The ZDF man didn’t want to be accused of a lack of respect. “The players can be sure that I will treat their performances with respect, even if they lose. I congratulated him, as is proper. But I also expect respect in return.”

Kaben hopes that the issue will soon be resolved. With Kroos he wants to “change three sets about it” at the next opportunity. And “then it’s good again.”

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