Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll has a bad day at the Austrian Grand Prix in Spielberg and finishes 13th – a French comment is so upset about the Canadian that he causes a scandal on live television and is then suspended.

Commentator insults Lance Stroll: The French journalist Lionel Froissart (64) verbally derailed during the broadcast of the Austrian Grand Prix on the Belgian TV channel “RTBF Sport” when he described Aston Martin driver Lance Stroll (23) as “autistic”. , as reported by “RTL”.

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No insight after criticism from co-commentator: His co-commentator Gaetan Vignero intervenes immediately and criticizes Froissart for his insult: “That’s too strong. You’re going too far with that.” Instead of letting go of Stroll, the angry reporter follows up and says: “Honestly, that’s the truth.”

Sender suspends Froissart: his wrongdoing has consequences. The broadcaster suspended Froissart until further notice and condemned the language “strongly”. In a statement, it said: “Associating a driver’s communications with autism was completely misplaced and inconsistent with the values ​​of ‘RTBF’.”