“We received the sad news that our friend and artist Matthias Carras passed away last night surrounded by his family,” writes the label “Fiesta Records” on Instagram. Matthias Carras was 58 years old. “With the support of his wife and children, Matthias fought cancer for years.”

In 1998 Carra’s career started with the single “I’m your co-pilot”, further songs followed. He was also seen as a presenter on television. From 2002 and 2004 he was the face of a quiz show on 9Live, and he also moderated Super RTL. In 2015, Carras withdrew from the music business, he was severely depressed at the time. In 2021 he finally celebrated his comeback as a pop musician. In 2022 his album “Finally Free” was released.

“We remember you as a strong fighter and hope you can find your peace of mind now,” his label continues. At the “express request of Matthias”, his song “Diesen ein Moment” would also be released on Friday. Matthias Carras leaves behind his wife and three children.

The original of this post “Schlagersänger Matthias Carras died after a long illness” comes from Bunte.de.