As the French newspaper “Le Parisien” reports, the national player from Martinique was accompanied by his girlfriend. Both were initially arrested, but while Nedra is now in custody, his partner was released under judicial supervision. The Bobigny public prosecutor’s office is said to have now confirmed that the suitcase he was carrying was filled with 100 kilograms of cocaine.

In a brief statement, Nedra’s Aiglon du Lamentin club confirmed the midfielder’s arrest: “Without knowing the extent of his involvement, we have learned that one of our players has been arrested in Roissy for drug smuggling.”

The association, which can be found in Nedra’s native Martinique, also showed a clear stance on the issue of drugs: “Let’s unite stronger than ever to continue our educational work through sport to fight this scourge and to protect our young people and protect them from to warn of the risks, consequences and undesirable developments in this milieu.”

Nedra is not the only professional footballer to have been targeted by the police for alleged drug smuggling. It was only in December last year that Dusan Petkovic was convicted of drug smuggling. He is said to have even been picked up in Amsterdam with 115 kilos of cocaine. Both Nedra and Petkovic now face imprisonment.

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