It is, at least, to wait until 2022, and they proclaimed before all the social security benefits, and the ambtenarenweddes will rise again. This is evident from the new inflation forecasts of the Federal Planning bureau.

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The health index was established in February, has been exceeded. This will increase the benefits of this month by 2 per cent, and the government officials in april to look forward to now with their wages increase by 2 per cent.

But it will take at least until 2022 to take up benefits, and the weddes to re-index, but according to a new estimate by the netherlands environmental assessment agency.

in an interim update to its inflation forecasts show that the netherlands environmental assessment agency based on a rate of inflation of only 0.5 percent, and in 2021 by around 1.2 per cent. Previously, the agency has assumed a rate of inflation this year and next, respectively, 1 and 1.4 percent of the time.

the Result: one of the following is exceeded, the health index would not occur in 2020 and 2021. Previously, it was assumed that a breach in april, 2021. We’ll have to wait on the delay of health index to make the distributions and ambtenarenweddes to the index.

in Addition, the estimates are based on projections that have been entered into on the 11th of march. The coronacrisis the economy, which has greatly shaken. For example, the oil price collapsed. The risk is too great, says the netherlands environmental assessment agency, which is the rate of inflation will go down considerably.

The agency also announced a new economic outlook, the well-known. These can also be completed on the 11th of march, and, therefore, also be identified. But it’s all in the direction of on the significant measures taken by the economy is to a large extent, still in question, the Planning of the growth of the Belgian economy this year, with only about 0.4 percent of the time. In september, the coronacrisis, it went from 1.1 per cent growth. In June, the agency is normally given a definitive prognosis.

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