Bari Alibasov used to constantly travel with his group “Na-Na” all over Russia. The artists were greeted by crowds of fans, many of whom sought to get to know the musicians better.

As a result, short–term romances arose, from which, it is possible, children were born later. However, the producer never really bothered with this topic, and was not interested in the fate of illegitimate offspring. Komsomolskaya Pravda writes about this.

“We arrived, worked out our five or six days of touring… And how many children have appeared there? God knows. But at least two of them I know for sure: the girls then showed me what happened. They look like me — churkoobraznye,” recalls Bari Karimovich.

The producer admitted that he did not forbid the artists from the group “Na-Na” to have fun. He allowed them to bring girls to hotels, although by law it was forbidden to do so.

Bari Alibasov said that quite recently he did not even know the size of his pension. According to Komsomolskaya Pravda, the producer is “fed” by his band “Na-na”, and he lives on the income from her tours.