More than a dozen people were killed and some 100 injured after a volcano erupted on the Indonesian island of Java. The eruption, which occurred during a rainstorm, saw mudflows cutting off roads and destroying homes.

Indonesia’s disaster mitigation agency has confirmed the death of 13 people as a result of the eruption of the Semeru volcano, which began spewing ash on Saturday, completely blocking the sun at one point.

The eruption coincided with heavy rains, and saw ash turning into thick mud and obliterating a key bridge and the homes in its path. Gladak Perak Bridge, a local landmark connecting two villages, was reported to have been completely destroyed by the mudflows.

#volcano#eruption Mount #Semeru erupts Java island #Indonesia. The state of the Gladak Perak bridge connecting Lumajang – Malang is cut off

The village of Sumberwuluh, located close to the volcano, was hit the hardest. Footage posted online shows deserted houses reduced to piles of debris. Most of the villagers were evacuated to a temporary shelter. Overall, more than 900 people have been moved from the area.

Salah satu rumah warga yang terkena dampak erupsi gunung Semeru di daerah lumajang

Some 98 people, including two pregnant women, suffered injuries in the eruption. The majority of those hospitalized were treated for burns.