The hope of Babkina has had to deal with a very serious disease caused by a coronavirus.

The singer has been through many, many prayed for her recovery.

And then, finally, she managed to cope with the disease – people’s artist of Russia home in the final period of rehabilitation.

Babkin after a long silence, got in touch with subscribers on the social network.

“my Dear! Thanks to the timely help, the proper treatment and high professionalism of our doctors I was able to fully recover after severe disease. I also want to thank all middle and Junior medical staff for responsiveness, attention and warmth.

⠀⠀Now, while at home, at home, and not in the hospital, I want to Express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to my family, friends, fellow artists, and of course to all the staff of the Moscow State theatre “Russian song” for the love and care I felt and feel every day,” she wrote on instagram.

First on the glad tidings shouting “Hurrah!” responded our colleagues Igor Nikolaev, Iosif Prigozhin, Nikolai Baskov and other Russian stars.

“God Forbid! Good for you, Nadya,” – concluded Vladimir Vinokur.

Microblog singer filled congratulations and wishes of good health from fans Babkina.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, the spouse of the singer Evgenie Gor told the audience on instagram. “Thanks to all who have attended, inquired about the state support and do not build speculation around this topic”.

Publish from lady Gaga (@ngbabkina) 30 APR 2020 1:05 PDT