The next few weeks, many of us are home from work and have a lot more quality time with our children than normal – so what to do?

You may have chewed through all of the most well-known movies and series on Netflix – don’t worry, there are plenty of neglected gems that can keep you and the kids entertained when you’re forced to be at home. B. T. s film critic guides you here for the best offer on entertainment for the little ones, the slightly bigger and the adults.

made very animated metervarebras for kids, and Netflix has indeed its part of it. But then, there are also small masterpieces, including the Oscar-winning ‘My neighbor Totoro’ from the japanese animationsmester Hayao Miyazaki. The film is about two girls who live alone with their father because their mother is in the hospital. In the forest meets the girls the queer creature Totoro, which most of all resembles a kæmpekanin and his ilk, among other things, count a cat, which also serves as the bus and being called Busmis. It is absolutely magical, very imaginative, beautifully animated, and is both subtle and thought-provoking entertainment for the whole family.

the Film ‘F for sheep’ is created by Aardman Animation, who also stands behind the ‘Escape from the chicken coop’, ‘Wallace and Gromit’ and the series for the very young, ‘Timmy-time’. In ‘F will’ end up a bondemand in the big city with amnesia, and it is up to the sheep Frode, from fierce guard dog and the rest of the dyreslænget to get him back. It is pretty incredible what you can get out of modelling clay, talent and infinite much patience, just as one must take my hat off to how much one can tell completely without dialogue – and actually be quite fun for both children and adults.

to be Preserved, it is no masterpiece, and the Danish vote is for the annoying side, but the Disney series ‘Games Academy’, which has just hit Netflix, is not without its charm. It is about a secret school where puppies learn to deal with people – a bit like Harry Potter, except that the pupils of this school greet each other by sniffing each other in the back, has cabinets that look like kennels, and eat UNDER the tables instead of at the tables. The best part is that the dogs have uniforms on. Dogs with clothes on is not quite as fun as monkeys with clothes on, but it snerper derhenad.

the film adaptation of the a little clumsy, very hungry and incredibly lovable bear Paddington are some of the most outstanding children’s films which have come on the market in the last 10 years. The films can rarely elegant degree to combine simple, but strong plot, fun dialogue, pretty intense action scenes – the target audience taken into consideration, and incredibly effective lagkagekomik. And so is the animation of our pelsede quite as good, that in an unaware moment may well take themselves in to thinking “wow, the bear is playing well”. The versions with English speech is almost better than the original thanks to the Paddington Danish voice Mikkel Lomborg, better known as Mr Beard.

Bear Grylls is a former elite soldier and is among adults known from series such as ‘Ultimate survival’, where he in the world’s most frenzied areas are performing through extreme weather and extreme nature, armed only with the dagger, overlevelsestricks and a willingness to drink their own urine. But actionmanden has actually also made a series for children, ‘against nature’, where the Bear is on the dangerous adventure in the jungles, deserts and snow-capped alps. The stories are interactive, so the children can help Bear to make decisions, and it’s all really exciting and as Sebastian Klein on steroids.


Oscar-winner ‘Rango’ is from 2011, so if you are in the target audience now, so the hardly in the cinema at the time. It can be so appropriate to do penance now, for the ‘Rango’ is a charming, original and really fun adventure. The film is about the hawaiiskjorte-clad chameleon Rango who has lived a protected life as a pet, but ends up in the harsh desert town of Dust where he had no right to be qualified for the job being sheriff. If you can get the heirs persuaded to see the film with the original speech, you can delight you of Johnny Depp in top form as the ides of march.

It sounds like a contradiction in terms to write the ‘Adam Sandler’ and ‘excellent film’ in the same sentence, but in the Netflix production ‘Uncut Gems’ is it actually true. It is Adam Sandlers unparalleled best performance ever and a great movie. Sandler plays new york jeweler Howard Ratner, who owes money all over the place, lose a diamond, has an affair, and in the whole, so much on the ears, that you become completely breathless, even if you are sitting in the couch. It all takes place over a few days and is extremely gripping, violent and intense. And so, the garments of Adam Sandler for once, to play a grown man with adult problems instead of hysterical mandebarn.

the ‘Top Boy’ is largely an English version of perhaps the world’s best series ever, ‘The Wire’. We follow a small group of drug dealers in the London ghetto, the Summerhouse, their internal strife, their problems with police, rival gangs trying to take over the area, and their sometimes strange, ordinary privacy. It is both exciting and rather gloomy, and strange enough you end up with to get to hold off a little bit and with the main characters, even if none of them is very sympathetic. ‘Top Boy’ drove over two seasons on the BBC from 2011 to 2013 and was then picked up by Netflix last year, which produced a new season. ‘Top Boy’ is, therefore, two different series on Netflix. You should see the ‘Top Boy: Summerhouse’ first, and so on, who are just called ‘Top Boy’.

If you are one of the over 170.000 danes, who already have seen the ‘Parasite’, you might be curious on what the director and screenwriter Bong Joon-ho might otherwise have made. You can rent monsterfilmen ‘The Host’ and the dystopian sci-fi drama ‘Snowpiercer’ at blockbuster.en – or see ‘Okja’ on Netflix. It is an easier bims film, which is about an american fødevaregigant, who has developed genetically modified kæmpegrise, but their plan to earn fortunes on the project is being stymied by both a stubborn Korean girl with a loving relationship with one of the pigs, and a militant group of animal rights activists. ‘Okja’ has both Korean actors and Hollywood stars like Jake Gyllenhall, and Tilda Swinton in the cast and is a bizarre, but worth seeing as a mix of comedy, melodrama and crazy science fiction. A must for ‘Parasite’-the fans.