Three days before the attack on Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree. In it, he recognized the self-proclaimed People’s Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine as independent states. Internationally, there is only one other country that followed Moscow: North Korea.

Nevertheless, Emirates seems to have comprehended the illegal step in its entertainment system. As the portal “Avianews” reports, a list of cities includes Donetsk, a Ukrainian metropolis that is considered the center of the embattled Donbass, as part of Russia. However, the map that appears next to it shows the outline of Ukraine correctly, i.e. with the Donbass.

There are always misallocations like this. Often the fault does not lie with the airline itself, but with the provider of the entertainment system. A few years ago, Hainan Airlines was criticized because the map for the Middle East showed Syria, Lebanon and Cyprus, but not Israel, but the Palestinian Autonomous Territories.

Oman Air got in trouble because the sea between the Arabian Peninsula and Iran was referred to as the Persian Gulf and not the Arabian Gulf as is common in Arab countries.

Sometimes such assignments are also wanted. This is how Beijing got all major airlines to describe Taiwan as part of China. British Airways, Air Canada, Air France, Emirates, Malaysia Airlines and Lufthansa are among those taking part.

They did this because the Chinese market is too important for them and the Chinese government threatened them with countermeasures if they didn’t respond.

According to Avianews, in recent years many airlines have marked Crimea as Russian on maps, but never the areas and cities in Donbass. Emirates continues to fly to Russia as the United Arab Emirates failed to impose sanctions on the country. In recent weeks, the golf airline has even expanded its offer to Russia.

AeroTELEGRAPH has not received any comment from Emirates as of the date of this article.

This article was written by Stefan Eiselin

Annalena Baerbock speaks out against a ceasefire in the Ukraine war on Russia’s terms. Such a solution would not end the suffering of many people, it would only make it worse. If Putin wants it, the war will be over tomorrow.

Moldova’s secret service fears that Russia could also attack the neighboring country after Ukraine in 2023. London reports that Putin is now sending circus people to Ukraine to boost troops’ morale. All information about the Ukraine war can be found in the news ticker.

Airline makes embarrassing mistake and abandons Donetsk as a Russian city. Originally posted by aeroTelegraph.