ASV in January paid 3.7 billion rubles of insurance compensation to investors of 7.3 thousand

the State Corporation “Agency on insurance of contributions” (ASV) paid in Jan to 3.7 bln rubles as insurance compensation for 7.3 thousand depositors, including 500 small businesses (102.8 million rubles.).

Insurance claims came in January against three of the banks-participants of system of insurance of deposits “Neklis-Bank”, “PFS-Bank” and “NBCBank”.

the Total amount of insurance liability insurance Agency these claims amounted to 11.6 billion RUB for 25.7 thousand depositors, including 204,8 million RUB for 1.3 million small businesses, which from 1 January 2019 subject to law No. 177-FZ “On insurance of deposits in banks of the Russian Federation”.

Requirements 93.4% of the depositors of the three banks will completely be satisfied after the payment of insurance compensation. February 1, compensation received 1.9 thousand depositors (2.1 billion rubles.).

the DIA in January provided the insurance indemnity for 5.4 million of the depositors in 97 of banks under earlier insurance cases for the total amount of 1.6 billion rubles.

the Average start date of payments to investors over time deprive the Bank’s license was in January six working days. In 2019 the figure was seven working days, in 2018 — eight working days, concludes a DIA.