Ben Moore: Oh, I haven’t written it yet. I’ll do so a week in advance.

it depends in what Form you believe in Aliens. Personally, I am convinced that they are out there. In a variety of forms.

Statistical projections show that only in our galaxy, 40 billion planets exist that circles in the habitable Zone – the Zone, which allows due to temperature life at all – to their respective star. And water is in our galaxy. So it is statistically almost impossible that there is no life out there.

Yes, but life can also arise in a variety of environments. Life changed the planet on which it develops.

imagine the beginning of life on earth. Microbes form a kind of Slime, which forms an atmosphere, which, in turn, caused the extinction of this first life, and another, higher developed life. Life is very adaptable.

Only a liquid and an energy source. We only have to look in our solar system: Titan, a Saturn moon, there are about cash and cash flows of methane and ethane at temperatures of -200 degrees. Life there could be silicon-based, be based, instead of carbon like us. The organisms would hydrogen breathe instead of oxygen. We would, however, find their movies pretty boring: It’s a very would be a slow life, because, the metabolism Rates in this temperature slowly.

they would be symmetrical. Symmetry is a constant of Evolution. If you have eight tentacles, like octopus, which has come up in the rest of the HG Wells as the Mars people, or a chitin-like armor like the Alien in Giger, if you had six legs like a beetle or maybe even mollusks would be like a worm – you have only the diversity of life on our planet, in order to have an idea of what is possible. You don’t have to be oversized probably big eyes and minds as to the various drawings, and in the movies.

There are people who draw such drawings from past cultures as proof that Aliens have visited us long ago.
Well, everything what brings money, is being marketed by anyone…

There is no proof of this. And the CIA has just released all the Alien and UFO files. Thousands of pictures. All pretty useless and amazingly bad, in an age in which our planet, two billion of high-resolution cameras in the pockets of the world residents are stuck. Also: If you had been here, they would have spoken more with the ant than it is with us.

entertain you, since millions of years of the functioning of cities and civilizations and have invented a variety of types of agriculture by means of other species, and the management of Pilzmyzelen. The ants are the real masters of this planet.

This will occur in the lecture! There are approximately fifty answers to your question – the science is called the Fermi Paradox. I call two: Would you be in a high-tech alien race, they would absolutely want to come to visit us? There are probably a lot more Interesting out there than we are. Another Argument is that advanced civilizations destroy themselves – we do also to the best way to do this.

There are already companies that will send against payment the SMS to other planets. We send useless Spam to the All – at least, such companies should ask of scientists whether this is in the sense of humanity and a good idea.

Yes, we could upset you so pretty.

Because the stars are far away from each other, which makes the search difficult. We use the space of our galaxy with the Size of an ocean on earth, then we have in the present a single bath compare full of water, fished out and hoped that we would randomly find a fish.

I can calculate that quickly, the Moment. If humanity continues to invest so little in the exploration of space – to hundreds of thousands of years.

Now, it is embarrassing that we have not yet explored even in our own solar system better. We would be technologically ready to build a spaceship to bring us many of the stars of the solar system. It is only a question of money – and when you consider what is invested in the humanity in the development of the war and useless weapons, instead of saving the planet from climate change and to invest in science, including the exploration of space… but let’s not talk about policy. You have to focus differently, otherwise you will be really sad.

Is for life and not sense enough? We are for a short Moment, light up and pass again and need to fill our time with things that make us happy. With music, with friends, with Writing, with sharing Knowledge. There are so many fulfilling things. And that is a wonderful freedom – do what makes you happy, and not what it is in you some kind of God. Give your life a sense of purpose.

Yes, all life will die in billions of years. The universe will expand faster and faster, and colder is burned out until the very last star. In the middle will be the last giant black hole, which is decomposed in turn. In 10 60 years the last trace has disappeared in this black hole. Finished, The End. There is no trace of our universe will remain.

Actually, not. Only the theory that our dying universe multiple gives birth to other universes, so to speak, in turn. For our own there is no hope. Sorry.

Yes, lots and lots of ants! No, seriously, there’s something, or there is nothing. We can never know.

due to physical reasons. Because according to Einstein, can travel, no Information faster than the speed of light. Each individual Experiment has confirmed this. Therefore, we can never see this limit.

In a billion years, there is no more water and no atmosphere, because the sun is hotter. They will all blow away. But we could be advanced in this time, so technologically, it’s hard to imagine. We would have colonized the galaxy long ago.

Yes, two things: Be glad you live here. Switzerland is a bubble of Paradise in a crazy world. You could sharpen me out of here.

And the second?
Our research group has discovered the answer to a big question, which has occupied mankind for nearly 4,000 years.

Yes, please?
I won’t tell you – we announce the research results until March. You need to interview me to stop again.

you can’t do That now, but seriously!
! I’ll give you instead, one of the coolest discoveries of the last few years. However, she is not mine.

So then…
Gold! Formed from the collision of dead stars in space explodes, in asteroids together does not clump, the earth enveloped in microbes accumulates, which, in turn, Nuggets have been formed. Are you wearing a collision of dead stars on your ring finger! Science is not cool? More scientific Coolness, I’ll tell you in March! Until then!

The Englishman Ben Moore (52) is a Professor of astrophysics at the University of Zurich. He directs
the center for theoretical astrophysics and Cosmology, a Department within the Institute for Computational Sciences. He and his Team are developing Supercomputer programs and Algorithms which simulate the formation of the solar system. Ben Moore writes in addition, books and composes electronic music. His last book, “out There” on the origin of life and the possibility of life on distant planets was published in 2014 by the publishing house kein & Aber. His next book will be released in April next year by the same publisher.