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The Norwegian akuttlegen lives and works daily in the state of Utah, but when the death toll and number of infected increased dramatically in New York city, she went voluntarily back to the hospital where she previously worked.

New York city is now termed as the epicenter for koronaviruset. The doctor, who originally comes from the appreciation of buff in Rogaland, says that the city and the workplace is totalforandret.

– It is relatively chaotic days, and very different than anything I have ever seen. Sometimes it is almost war-like conditions here, ” says akuttlegen to NRK.

DIFFERENT: Haaland says that New York is not to know again. – Some times almost war-like conditions here, ” says akuttlegen to NRK.

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the emergency department, hospital Maimonides Medical Center in the borough of Brooklyn, and the last two weeks she has more or less stayed on the job.

You are absolutely tired and exhausted of seeing so many sick people, ” she says on the phone from New York.

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Only the last day of 785 people lost their lives as a result of korona in New York city, illuminated, governor Andrew Cuomo at a press conference Sunday.

Haaland says that the number of patients who come to the shelter with severe injuries is lower than usual, but that she can count on one hand the patients they have received the last few weeks that has not been infected.

Absolutely everyone that comes in have proven. People with håndleddsbrudd. They have korona. People with blindtarmsbetennelse. They have korona. It is everywhere, ” says Haaland.

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Almost half of all of the over 20,000 koronadødsfallene in the united STATES occurred in New York city. Millionbyen have had to make use of the mass graves because likhusene is filled of dead people.

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Haaland says that the reality that met her, was worse than she had expected

In advance, I had not thought that it would be so much. It is eye-catching and surprising, ” says 35-year-old.

health care Professionals carrying a corpse to a rebuilt fryselastebil outside Brooklyn Hospital Center. Likhusene in the city is now full. Just in the past day has 785 people lost their lives in New York city.

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Haaland says that the ambulance service associated with the reception she works on usually tend to have somewhere between 50 to 60 call-outs a month.

Only in the period 1-4. april, this was the number 48.

We hear stories about people who do not come to the emergency room because they are afraid to die alone, and about the people who are leaving because they don’t want to die alone here, she says to NRK

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The hardest thing has been to take care of so many sick patients at the same time, believe Haaland. Those that get proven the disease will not have contact with friends and family, and many become afraid and anxious.

This can be particularly difficult for the elderly and demented, thinks the doctor.

When we process them we have on a lot of equipment, and for them we look like martians. It is a difficult situation for the patients to be in.

After 14 intense days in New York city, to Haaland now go back to Utah. The state has 1071 confirmed infections and seven deaths.

Are you afraid to be infected themselves?

I’m not hugely afraid. I go really presume that I will get it either now or later. I’m basically young and healthy without diseases, so the probability that it goes well is great.

On the purple island Hart Island in New York city created the now mass graves. Where buried died koronapasienter, who do not have family or family that can take care of the funeral. You need javascript to see the video.

On the purple island Hart Island in New York city created the now mass graves. Where buried died koronapasienter, who do not have family or family that can take care of the funeral.

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