Actor Sergey Astakhov, who had a two-year affair with his colleague Elena Korikova, said that thanks to her, he realized what a woman really wants from a man. He told about this on the air of the program “The Fate of man”.

“We really had a relationship. Short-lived. But I was sure that we would succeed, ” Astakhov said.

He said that at that time he was career-oriented.

” Lena did not expect that I would put her below my career. And it was very unpleasant for her. She had her own interests. I have my own. Probably, I just couldn’t give her what she was waiting for, I didn’t have enough strength for it,” Astakhov explained, noting that the relationship lasted about two years.

He added that, apparently, as a man, he did not meet Korikova’s expectations.

“She taught me that a woman expects a man to give her everything,” Astakhov said.

The actor said that since then he always makes sure that the woman next to him does not feel that friends or work are more important to him – she will always know that she is more important.