Ivan Telegin and Pelagia

Ongoing divorce 33-year-old Pelagia and 28-year-old Ivan Telegin, announced the breakup at the end of last year. The former couple was having financial disputes, which will be considered by the court. Six months ago, Ivan and Pelagia did not intend to divide the property, but Telegin as the lawyer told the press the singer withdrew from the life of a three year old daughter Taisia, including stopped to help the child financially. And now, according to the publication Starhit, sued for division of property.

Pelageya and Ivan Telegin

Lawyers Pelagia, commenting on the upcoming trial, said that a large part of family assets were intentionally concealed by Telegony from the section.

During the marriage, the family appeared apartment $ 30 million, issued on Telegin. It is located in a prestigious neighborhood in the center of Moscow. Ivan it profitable to sell, and Pelagia was offered to direct this money to pay off the mortgage for the house. But my husband decided otherwise. Funds are gone, — said assistant attorney Telegin.

Ivan Telegin and Pelagia with her daughter

to establish the truth, Pelagia filed a counterclaim for property division. Ivan, according to her lawyers, insists on the secrecy of the trial, with his ex-fiancee do not agree.
We will protest against the division of flats donated by mother Pelagia. To close the process suggested Ivan, wringing have nothing to hide. She didn’t claim anything and just filed for divorce and alimony. Because Telegin in no hurry to divorce and helped her daughter. If he hadn’t filed a lawsuit for property division, all would be over quickly,— added the lawyer Pelageya.