Assistance with the return

Now, according to the Minister, active work on preparation of normative documents that are needed to announced measures to support the construction industry earned. “After the measures are launched, we will monitor the situation what impact these measures will have on the state of the market”, – said the Minister. Depending on the state of the industry can be taken additional measures to support, and if the situation will start to level off or if the measures prove ineffective – they will be abandoned.

By the end of this week to be approved a new, expanded list of the backbone enterprises of construction industry and housing and communal services. In the future, if problems arise, these organizations will be able to qualify for state support.

As the Minister said 30 billion rubles allocated to the Fund for the protection of the rights of shareholders, will have to come in the economy: they are not aimed at compensation, namely, the building up of the “problem” houses. 50 billion roubles will be allocated a HOUSE.Of the Russian Federation for the acquisition of unclaimed housing from developers. “In the future, if demand recovers, these flats can be implemented and, again, transformed into the money supply, – said Yakushev. – If the process of exit from the crisis is delayed, the apartments can be used in state programs. These apartments are fulfilled certain obligations to separate categories of citizens”.

the Construction industry gives quite a large amount of taxes, the Minister said. The funds spent to support the construction sector, by and large, then return to the state in taxes.

Subsidize mortgage rates, according to the head of NASA Leonid Kazinets, could be supplemented by easing the requirements for initial payment on a mortgage. From-for falling of incomes of potential buyers now “eat up” accumulated money and they may not have enough funds for a mortgage, even at a reduced rate. According to Rio, would have helped the separation of the initial payment in several payments.