The fatal shooting at a National Day parade in the US claimed seven lives – and left a two-year-old boy named Aiden orphaned. The two-year-old was discovered by helpers alone and calling for his parents at the scene of the accident, reports the US broadcaster CBS. Now a fundraiser is to help little Aiden.

The 37-year-old father and the child’s two-year-old mother were among the seven fatalities in Monday’s act in Highland Park, the CBS broadcaster reported on Tuesday. The names of the parents were also on the list of fatalities, which was read out in a halting voice by coroner Jennifer Banek. So they came from Highland Park.

CBS said Aiden was separated from his parents in the chaos after the shooting. A couple discovered the boy in the care of a strange woman who was obviously in shock. The couple then took the child and brought it to the fire department. Aiden was later handed over to his grandparents by the police.

Donations for Aiden were called for on the Internet. A Gofundme page raised more than $750,000 (around €730,000) by Tuesday evening (local time) – significantly more than the target amount of $500,000. More than 13,200 people had donated at the time.

“At the age of two, Aiden was placed in the unimaginable situation of growing up without his parents,” the statement said. Now the boy has a long and difficult road ahead of him “to find stability and finally to master life as an orphan.”

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