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at the same time as summer comes to the Southern part of Norway, repeals the north-Norwegian municipalities, the so-called “søringkarantenen”.

Kommuneoverlegene in the Vesterålen and Lofoten believes it is no longer necessary to put the traveller from the South of Norway in quarantine. Also Tromsø and Narvik dropper local special rules.

It means that one can travel south, without being placed in quarantine at home.

But “værsyke” nordlendinger that had to consider taking a weekend break in the for example Oslo after a begredelig easter, please think about both two and three times.

– What can you do if you want to, but we discourage bright people from travelling unnecessarily, ” says kommuneoverlege Per Thomas Hultstedt in Narvik municipality.

Kommuneoverlege Jan Håkon Juul in Vågan says he can understand those who think it is kjipt to stay at home in our.

– I even sat in the weekend and canceled my trip to Mallorca. So it must just be. This is not the time to travel. It is the time to be at home and appreciate the weather that you have, ” says Juul to NRK.

Individual assessment

What some of us regard as a necessary journey, at the same time an individual assessment.

To travel to attend a funeral, one will in most cases be able to argue for is okay.

But it is not at all travel that is as trusted whether or not is “necessary”.

– Each individual must consider the usefulness of the journey, up against the consequences, ” says Hultstedt.

– you will Go on a weekend to Oslo, there is the risk to get infected and take this infestation home with them. In the worst case, migrate to the infection, for example, older relatives.

Vågan has only recorded three infections, tells kommuneoverlege Jan Håkon Juul. – They were brought from South Norway and from abroad.

Photo: John Inge Johansen / NRK

Jan Håkon Juul asks people assume that all travel is unnecessary.

He gives some examples of when it might be OK to travel:

If you need to get any special equipment, to get done an important job. If one has a residence in a different location, you need to look to. Students of economic considerations traveling home. Fear no more travel

justice minister Monica Mæland (H) is considered for example that it was okay to go on easter holidays to Bergen, writes the newspaper Dagbladet. She lives to-day in Oslo.

In the newspaper quoted her on that “going home is not an unnecessary leisure trip”.

– most of us accept that there to be together with their nearest and dearest it is the law. Also for us in the government, ” says Mæland told the paper.

On a general question about whether it is okay to visit the family now, ” says Hultstedt:

– I can’t recommend it. To restrict all types of travel. This is a joint effort. Everyone must help to restrict the infection.

Kommuneoverlege Anders Spell in the Andøy refers to the national councils:

– Avoid travel that is not strictly necessary, avoid public transport if you can, and avoid the places where you can easily get close to the other, he writes in an SMS.

the Town has three confirmed infections so far. – I find that people follow the authorities ‘recommendations, to a large extent,” says kommuneoverlege Per Thomas Hultstedt in Narvik municipality.

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