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in Order to prevent hoarding and to reduce the care has now matbutikkene clear advice for action before easter. One of the most important is that not all trades at the same time at easter. So therefore both Norgesgruppen and Rema 1000 that we take påskehandelen as early as possible.

– It is important that we now take into account. We must plan well and act earlier than we usually do, ” says Iran Søyland, communications manager at Norgesgruppen.

Norgesgruppen owns, among other chains, Kiwi, Menu, Spar and Joker. Søyland also encourage that we do not now trades more than we need. Better planning will also lead to less smittefare, she believes.

According to the Rema 1000, it is these rules that apply to you and me in the shop before and in the week of easter:

This wall to meet you in matbutikkene forward Clear advice

It is also recommended to provide help and assistance to friends, family, or others who do not receive acted when you first at the store itself. The fewer that are in the store at the same time, the better.

– But is not the most important thing for you to make money?

– Not in any way. We are in a very special situation now. Our main task now is to make sure that we have enough goods in store, so everyone gets what they need, ” says Søyland.

She hopes people take dagligvarebransjens clear advice seriously.

– We have well with the items in stock, however, it is important to avoid hamstring. It is to be vulnerable.

TAKE the CALL: Iran Søyland in Norgesgruppen hope people take påskehandlingen as early as possible.

Photo: Norgesgruppen Stores will have a policy for smågodt Avoid close encounters

Now that the infection is established in the community, we are going to have to avoid close contact with as many people as possible. You no longer need to know someone who has korona and you can just as easily be infected in the store.

Smittevernoverlege at the Hospital in Vestfold are therefore glad that the stores go out with clear advice now before easter.

SUPPORTS the ADVICE: Smittevernoverlege at the Hospital in Vestfold, Marjut Sarjomaa.

Photo: Colin Eirin Skjelbred

– It is very reasonable. We keep a little distance, so we will avoid the infection, ” says Marjut Sarjomaa.

She has the same call as the shops.

– It is to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

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