ENEA and the Russian space Agency launch a series of live broadcasts in the framework of the project “Ask the astronaut”. The first stream will take place. Users will meet with a cosmonaut and President of the centre “Aerospace and aviation” by Fyedor urainum.

live broadcasts from the astronauts plan to conduct on the page ENEA in the social network “Instagram”. During online meetings, guests will be answering users ‘ questions.

Fyodor Yurchikhin — the 98th cosmonaut of Russia and the 423rd world cosmonaut. Over the period from 2002 to 2017 made five space flights, three of which — as the commander of the ship and the commander of the expedition. The total duration of the flights amounted to 671 day 20 hours 39 minutes. On account of astronaut nine spacewalks that lasted for 59 hours and 27 minutes.

in the Fall of 2018 Fyodor Yurchikhin became President of the center, “Aerospace and aviation” at ENEA, where he actively develops education and outreach activities. In the walls of the pavilion “Space” he holds open the meeting with the heroes of Soviet cosmonautics, tours of the exhibition center for students with relevant knowledge and skills, and creative contests for children.