In Asia, people get fed up with the so-called the wildlife markets. , and the markets in which exotic animals you can buy for human consumption. The origin of the corona virus was almost certainly one of the many unhygienic dierenmarkten in China. For this reason, according to world wide fund for nature, WWF, people in Asia, the markets are down. Your cookie settings to make sure that the content is not displayed.

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The world wide fund for nature, pretended to by means of a enquêteonderzoekbij in the Asian population. Of the 5,000 people in five South-east Asian countries were invited to share their views on the markets. The inhabitants of Japan, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, cambodia, and hong Kong participated in the study. Almost eighty-five percent of the respondents think that a pandemic is to prevent the infamous food markets to be closed.

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more of the respondents indicate a complete ban on the market to support it. More than ninety per cent, of 93, to be precise, is such a ban is a good idea. Only one per cent is not a good idea to check the dierenmarkten to a close. In addition, 84 percent of never-more animals will be available for purchase on a market such as that in Wuhan. It is also apparent from the study that the respondents to the survey, almost all of them have to worry about the corona virus.

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