Former Bundesliga professional Ashkan Dejagah has been held in Iran for four weeks. He is accused of taking part in protests against the Iranian government in Berlin.

Ex-Bundesliga player Ashkan Dejagah, like several professional athletes before him, is being held in Iran. This is reported by “Deutsche Welle”. He is accused of taking part in a freedom rally by protesters against the Iranian state government in Berlin in November. His passport was taken from him four weeks ago and he is no longer allowed to leave Iran. According to Iranian media reports, Dejagah is even said to be in prison.

His advisor Reza Fazeli also confirmed this on Twitter: “He wasn’t allowed to take part in his team’s training camp in Dubai,” he writes, for example, citing expressions of condolence to the relatives of the dead as the reason for the ban on leaving the country.

Ashkan Dejagah played for Hertha BSC Berlin as a teenager, and in 2009 he won the German championship with VFL Wolfsburg. This was followed by stints in Qatar and England, and he has been playing in Iran since 2019.

Dejagah is not the first professional athlete to be arrested during the protests. On December 12, a basketball player was even executed there. Professional soccer player Amir Nasr-Asadani has been in custody since December 13. He also faces the death penalty.

Iran has been rocked by violent protests for months. They were triggered by the death of the young Kurd Mahsa Amini on September 16. The 22-year-old died after being arrested by the vice squad for allegedly improperly wearing a headscarf.

Most recently, the executions of two young Iranians in connection with the protests caused international outrage. As a result, the European Union tightened its sanctions against Tehran. On Tuesday, the Iranian judiciary announced the conviction of 400 defendants by courts in Tehran. They are accused of being involved in the protests. They face up to ten years in prison.

A total of 25 people from the Reich citizen scene were arrested in the nationwide raid. Among them the nobility: Heinrich XIII. Prince Reuss has long been known as a Reich citizen and was destined to become head of state.

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