As will punish citizens for virtual meetings

Virtual rallies that have swept on the country, revealed two essential points. First, Russia seems to have become the birthplace of new forms of protest and legislators-guardians is something to think about. Secondly, the predictions of the conspiracy that the new world government will be an IT company, become reality before our eyes.

Rallies in which people participated from the comfort of home, swept the country in the last two days. The wave lifted the residents of Rostov-on-don. They filled unhappy with the reviews the front of the government building of the region by means of service “Yandex.Maps” and “Yandex.Navigator”. It started as a flash mob of citizens, dissatisfied with the poor organization of issuing permits, but quickly turned into a “full” meeting with political and economic demands: the introduction of emergency, direct the aid to those who remained without work, and so on.

the Idea gained popularity and rallies began across the country-Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Nizhniy Novgorod, Voronezh, Saint-Petersburg, Ufa. Has come to Moscow, where the citizens, “seized” the Kremlin, scoring a review on the map all around.

In the Kremlin, by the way, has responded to network activity. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that although we should not exaggerate these actions and consider them some campaigns, but “We pay great attention to the messages where people talk about the difficulties that they are experiencing and the reasons for such difficulties.” And it’s even to the extent possible in designing the future plans for the support of separate categories of citizens.

a prominent human rights defender and our constant author, Dmitry Agranovsky, told “MK” that there is a clear oversight of our legislators.

– Now there is no article which would have imposed liability for virtual meetings. But since we have now almost any expression of discontent with the authorities has an article, can we expect a wonderful legislative initiatives.

But there is also an Article 13.18. Of the administrative code of the Russian Federation “Obstruction of the sure reception of radio and television programmes and the operation of sites in a network “the Internet”…

It doesn’t fit. In the case of a virtual meeting is difficult to prove intent on the disruption of the site. But I’m sure conservatives quickly come up with.

At the last “Yandex” has removed the comments.. the Russian IT-giant explained by the fact that the labels of participants in virtual meetings are removed in accordance with the rules of moderation. And really, the service is “Conversations” in the Navigator help users share information about traffic events. But the messages are not related to the situation on the road, banned and moderated.

And now the liberal democratic party applies for a permit to hold a rally in Moscow, not to the city, and to new “numbersish authorities.” The party wants the story first in Russia negotiated an online meeting on the day of birth of Vladimir Zhirinovsky. For approval to the company “Yandex.Navigator” addressed to the Deputy of the state Duma Vasily Vlasov. It requests the service does not block messages of the protesters who will appear on the map April 25 in the 1st Basmanny pereulok, where the Central office of the liberal democratic party.

If the meeting will agree on, it will be a new reality.