the Russian artist in the West — it is not shocking exotic, but still an adventure with an open end. And than all ended, in any case will be something to remember. However, our compatriot, well-known outside of Russia and among local fans of dance music as Vlade Kay, it’s not a memoir, and plans for the near future in which the international album and concerts.

Before the opening of the borders in all of their activities Vlade Kay is forced to limit Moscow. Although it could be quite different. Last year he was on pair with the French DJ and producer William Pregasina, which many fans know as DJ Snake, finished in the status of co-author and performer of the highly successful dance hit All This Lovin. The track entered in the profile charts of the radio stations almost around the world and this Banquet is clearly required continued. Probably, in such a situation to press the pause button it’s a shame, but Vlade Kay tries to remain optimistic.

“the Sequel will, of course, because we had planned to do a Remix of this song and we received an offer from a pretty famous Belgian DJ Duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike — says the artist in an interview with “MK”. But now we are all in isolation — I was in Moscow, William in France. Try to maximize the productive time: study singing, dancing, writing new songs. Hope that the Remix on All This Lovin will appear within a month”.

By the standards of show business Vlade Kay is not a novice and managed to assert themselves even under different names. He began as a singer Vladimir, and those who are familiar with the songs released as part of this project, hardly could assume that the artist suddenly changed his course at the international. Vlade Kay but he does not see anything illogical here.

“my brother and I grew up on imported music. Thanks to his father (Vladimir and Yuri, who also builds musical career and is known as the singer Yurkis, the sons of drummer in the band “Earthlings”, and now influential medialization Vladimir Kiselyov. — “MK”) we have a home always sounded excellent records from Michael Jackson and Prince to the Rolling Stones. The language we have learned since childhood, and therefore always had the desire to write something in English, — says Vladimir. But that was done for a project of Vladimir, too, will evolve, I will continue to write songs in Russian, and will soon be new releases.”

commercial Production of the hit can be called a project with vague prospects and many risks. Musicians dreams, all the gold in the world or a cheap microphone and an old computer can equally lead to success and to failure. There is a version that becomes a hit track, which, among other things, should appear at the right time and in the right place. And with All This Lovin, apparently, there was something similar.

“a Year ago we’re in L. A��the dzheles gathered his friends from the music industry, they have invited several of songwriters, and for some time, all wrote songs in different studios, and then listened to what happened, remembers Vlade Kay. — One of the authors who participated in this session were familiar with DJ Snake and chose the track for William. It seemed to him that William will offer an interesting development to songs.”

And DJ Snake on the rights of the producer, convinced in the power of dance music (he’s worked with Lady Gaga on her album Born This Way, for which he was nominated for Grammy awards, doing remixes for Kanye West and other heavyweights), turned pop-funk, which was born the first version of All This Lovin, music for dance floors. In the end, recording the future hit began in America, arrangements were completed in France, the vocals were written in Russia. In technical terms, the boundaries between those who create music have disappeared, but the difference of mentality, according to Vlade Kay, and in the new century will not go away.

“Our industry is already close to the world, — said the singer. But still there are differences, and the biggest, at least for me, is that they have much more passion in the work. They love what they do, they live it and give music their all. We also very often at the forefront is just Commerce”.

by the Way, with Commerce in the era strikingb and in a situation when you can use all the achievements of international copyright law, everything becomes simpler and easier. The times when CD’s are 10-20 dollars were being sold in stores millions, of course, did not return, but the hit still can saturate not only the artistic ego.

“All This Lovin is already bearing fruit, including financial. For the first ten days we got over a million auditions. I was pleased that a large number of Western and Asian radio stations, including BBC Radio 1, took the song in rotation. All this kapitaliserede and makes a profit,” says Vlade Kay.

the Next logical step would be concerts, but the singer was only able a few times to play in Russia, although plans were much more ambitious.

“it was Planned performances in France, received a proposal from China to hold a tour of several cities in July we have to play in Belgium on the big electronic music festival Tomorrowland, — says the artist. Now it’s unclear whether this is to be held. I very much hope that we will play wherever we are welcome.”

Now Vlade Kay and his team finished five English tracks and a few more in the works. All the participants of the international project team, of course, hope that one hit will not suffice, but the singer appreciates the chance to repeat the success of “Tattoo” as achievable. According to Vladimir, since our girls ‘ duet was the musical news on both sides of the Atlantic, much has changed, and in favor of artists of Russia.

“Before almost the entire music market revolved around America, and now things are changing, — said the singer. — Spotify is one of the biggest streaming services — from Sweden, the largest Radio station BBC Radio 1 from the UK, and the list of artists whose music is being sold, not just Americans. There is also interest in our projects, and many now wonder why there is still no Russian artist, which is popular in Europe or in the world.”

by the Way, the producers Rosas Milos Raymond Vaughn Kreimer and Moritz Andreas cooperates with Vlade Kay are working on solving this problem, that is, on the ground. Both from Finland, and they usually lead from the office of his label in Monaco, but the rapid closure of the borders slightly extended visit of these gentlemen in Russia, and they temporarily became the inhabitants of Moscow.

“Actually, they are very mobile, love to travel, so to be three months in one place, they are unusual, — laughs Vladimir. — Although they are not very eager to go home. Rented an apartment here, I sometimes come to him, and we even record something, in General, preparing a lot of interesting things”.