So what do our children read? Ready publishers to satisfy the needs of young readers? Finally, how to choose the perfect children’s book? The answers to these questions know the specialists in children’s literature, critics and philologists, who became the participants of the round table “Tea with literary critics” dedicated to the all-Russian action in support of books and reading “Book of the seasons. #The tale in a book”.

the publication of books made the list of the industries most affected by the pandemic. But readers are not philanthropists, just to spend money on books, so children’s publishers need to offer something that will want to buy. And they have relied on educational and informative books for toddlers and younger children.

Ekaterina Asanova, candidate of pedagogical Sciences, head of laboratory of socio-cultural educational practices of the Moscow city University (MGPU), rather would suggest to focus on summer reading, although the logic of the publishers she, too, understood.

Is the consequences of the quarantine remote teaching at home. When the training fell on the shoulders of parents, they obviously began looking for additional material and to buy the educational literature, she explains.

supported his Colleague senior researcher of the Russian book chamber Maria poryadina, Recalling that we have before the pandemic, the purchasing power of those who buy books for children, was low, and check razvivalki for the kids will buy anyway. If not my mother, already caring grandparents will try.

indeed, when the parents ‘ income plummeting by choosing between colorful, high-quality published art book, and one that presents itself as a useful, most likely, will give preference is the latter.

But it is a choice adults. And what about the children? They because of their age and abilities trying to maneuver between what is necessary and what is desirable. Summer reading list and insistent wishes of the parents are constantly competing with the works that are in the trend among peers.

– Children, and so “stuffed” with school, they want to shoot videos for TikTok and read what is fashionable. And the parents know nothing about TikTok and insist on books that read themselves, stood up for children, mother, and candidate of philological Sciences, senior lecturer of chair of Russian language stylistics, faculty of journalism, Moscow state University, literary critic Natalia Lomakina.

– I Want to warn you: social networks same Facebook and TikTok is a commercial company, which primarily serve those who have impressive advertising budgets. So I’m not always pleased with those commercial book products that finds my daughter, – said the chief editor of the portal Gadoterate.Of the Russian Federation Mikhail Wiesel.

for example��La all Ekaterina Asanova, proposing to leave children alone and not to impose your reader’s experience.

My children grew excessively in the reader’s environment. With two to three years they walked with me to libraries and book fairs, and while the mother was busy – read everything I could get. Will they read and what – is wholly dependent on adults. Then they grow up and fill your world with something they want. To affect this you will not be able, she said.

the Main Pathfinder book world has long been the social network. And if adolescents are immersed in a world TikTok, the parents studying popular blogs “moms” that have become experts in everything from food to feed to children’s literature. And professional bibliographers were suddenly useless.

– has Been rolled back to anonymity: the books say and basically no one. We don’t know what this person is, what his criteria would have bought it myself these books to their children – describes the current recommendatory bibliography literary critic and editor of the publishing house “Top” Alexei Kopeikin.

not surprisingly, the place professionals took the fans who are not hiding their literary ignorance and are not afraid to criticize and criticize. According to Kopeikin, modern professional publications just very lacking quality negative reviews.

For literary observers in one voice stood up Michael Wiesel and Natalia Lomakina reminded that their task is to recommend and talk about what dignity. Bad and hyped and everything will find and read, and if I won’t notice, thank God.

But parents don’t want to understand the intricacies of critical journalism, they want to get a list of the perfect books for your child or at least understand where to look for them.

the Search should begin with the specialized media and smart literary bloggers, such as Eugene Shaffert or Liza Birger. Amazing quality and variety of the selection of children’s books offers a small private and specialty bookstores – for example, “Marshak”, “Insects” and “I love reading” in Moscow, “Chudetstvo” in St. Petersburg turned into a community of caring supporters. Finally, note the short and long lists of various literary awards – passed through the sieve of the experts books can be safely given to the child.

– “Trilobites are not to blame”, Svetlana Lavrova.

“the Days on the island” Gideon, Samson.

“the TRANS – Siberian railway. The train leaves”, Alexander Litvinov and Anna Desnitskaya.

“the House over the rainbow”, Ekaterina Murashova.

– “From East to West. The journey of a letter in a bottle,” Marina Babanskaya.


Publishers, bookstores and famous authors announced the launch of a large-scale pthe project “Book seasons”. The first action in the framework of the “Tale in a book” – aimed at children in the audience. In the action will involve more than 1,000 bookstores and 200 participating cities. The project aims to support readers across Russia and report that bookstores ready to return after lockdown. The event will be held from 6 to 8 August. These days in bookshops you can buy children’s books with great discounts.

On the site “Yandex.ether” Oleg Roy, Anastasia Orlova, Edward Verkin, Andrey Usachev, Irina Lukyanova, Nina Dashevskaya, Ekaterina matyushkina and other children’s writers will hold lectures and master-classes for children. The program also includes lectures for parents and teachers.