When all the tours of the Union state was cancelled due to the spread of coronavirus infection, was running a virtual theater tour “Big tour” online. Over the past two months on the platform of the Russian Federal centre for support of tour activities were more than 16 million views of the best performances of Russia and neighboring countries.

For the two months shown 65 47 performances of the theatres. Geography of the participants covers the Russian theaters, as well as collectives of the Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan. The leader of the ratings performance of “the Heart is not stone” by Ostrovsky theatre “Et Cetera” under the leadership of laureate of the Union state Alexander Kalyagin, who looked more than 867 thousand times.

the Play “Submarine,” shown on the YouTube channel of the National academic drama theater named after Gorky of the Republic of Belarus and on the platform of the Russian Federal centre for support of tour activities “Big tour”, scored 117 706 views. At present, the Minsk drama theatre develops entirely new workflow form on the remote work.

the Play “Submarine” based on a play by the famous contemporary young Belarusian playwright, Andrei Kureichik. In his works filmed “move up” “Christmas Tree,” “Love-carrots”. Andrey kureychik lives in Minsk. He graduated with honours from the law faculty of the Belarusian state University and the graduate school of journalism. Director’s training was held in the Chekhov Moscow art theater, where his teacher was people’s artist of the USSR Oleg Tabakov. Wife of Andrew Olga – actress Kupala theater. The creative couple has three children. Total collection of the films created by the scripts of Andrew, was 62 million dollars.

the music for the play was written by Russian composer Ivan Burlyaev. Ivan wrote the music for such films as “Salyut-7”, “Text”, “Slave”. The film “Text” Studio “Yellow, Black and White” created by including two Belarusians Aleksei Triocom and a first Slappo, was awarded the prize “Golden eagle”.

the Action of the play takes place in the midst of the cold war. In the early 60-ies of the last century, the best engineering minds of the Soviet Union to create a modern nuclear submarine. During the voyage breakage occurs, which leads to malfunction of the reactor cooling system.

the protagonist of the play Vasil Miscavige, Belarusian by origin, voluntarily descends to prevent the explosion of the reactor.

a Stunning ensemble cast realistic gave all the vicissitudes of underwater life and heroism of ordinary people.

I was surprised that I had managed to create on stage Sergei Kowalczyk, – says Andrey kureychik. Usually the reconstruction of various disasters better implement��I’m in a movie. Theatre for more than five years were going to the premiere. Involved in performance almost all troupe of theatre.

We wanted to do something different from what is done in Belarusian theatres. There was a desire to find the real story, not invented. We found that the real story, in which the Belarusian sailor accomplished the feat and saved the boat.

the theatre was called the widow of the submariner that I wanted to give a military uniform of her husband. And the form it gave, very useful. NAMO them. Bitter specifically for the play was able to order the costumes for the play.

– July 4, 1961 the fate of the world was decided in the reactor compartment of the nuclear submarine K-19. Says artistic Director and theater Director Sergei Kowalczyk.- When I learned about the feat of our countryman, Belarusian, Midshipman Kulakova, then asked if I could go into a radioactive hell? And we talked about the submariners who gave their lives keeping the peace.