“In the coming days the team will begin activities to prepare for the parade,” the Admiral said after a meeting at the Admiralty, where they discussed the readiness of the waters of the Kronstadt RAID to the temporary basing of ships of large tonnage. At this meeting, the commander reported that the teams BOD “Vice-Admiral Kulakov” and nuclear submarine “eagle” during the inter-fleet transition has worked out a number of naval exercises in antiaircraft and antisubmarine warfare, held trainings on exchange of signals at night and day time for damage control. “With jahtennye officers and navigators had control of the lesson, the knowledge of the navigational features of the navigation in the Baltic sea”, – reported in the defense Ministry.

the Commander demanded that the naval commanders as efficiently as possible and to carefully consider the preparation of a great naval parade. Training him on the Kronstadt RAID and on the Neva river will begin on Tuesday. And in the Gulf solemn passage has “lost” small missile ships “Sovetsk”, “Velikiy Ustyug”, “Mytishchi”, mine counter measure vessels “Vladimir Yemelyanov” and “Alexander Obukhov”, the latest anti-sabotage boat “young army men of the Dagestan Republic”, “the young army man” Tatarstan”, “the young army men of the Arctic”, “the young army men of Pomerania” and “Valery Fedyanin”… a total of about 20 ships and boats.

Recall that in the main naval parade in St. Petersburg and Kronstadt should be involved 46 ships, submarines, 42 aircraft and more than 4 thousand soldiers.

At the end of June at a conference in the defense Ministry, Minister Sergei Shoigu said that on the occasion of Day of the Navy also planned to conduct the naval parades at locations of fleets and fleet in Severomorsk, Baltiysk, Sevastopol, Kaspiysk and Vladivostok and the Syrian port of Tartus. “The celebrations will involve about 200 fighting ships of various classes, more than 100 pieces of equipment, up to 80 aircraft and about 15 thousand troops,” – said the Minister.

Shoigu has paid special attention to the need for strict observance of the whole complex of anti-epidemic measures in order to eliminate any risks to the health of members of the naval parades.