As the high demand and the weakening of the ruble will affect the price of drugs

Photo: Kirill Kuhmar/TASS the Moscow Prosecutor’s office would punish pharmacies for expensive drugs

an Excessive growth of demand, coupled with the weakening of the ruble could lead to higher prices for drugs that are not included in the list of vital and essential (their prices are regulated by the government). Imported drugs prevail in Russian pharmacies. According to DSM Group in January 2020, the share of imported drugs amounted to more than 68%. Drugs produced in Russia, also depend on the dollar – a significant proportion of pharmaceutical substances necessary for the production of drugs, comes from abroad. According to RNC Pharma, in 2019 the import of substances has reached 132 billion rubles, an increase of 36.3%. The main suppliers are China and India. With over 90 items exclusively manufactured in China – they have no analogues in other countries. Last year, about 54% of the pharmaceutical substances were purchased in China, says the CEO of the Association of Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers (ARPM) Viktor Dmitriev. When quarantine is staying there the majority of enterprises was risk of cardiac and Russian production, but fortunately, recently the supply was resumed.

the Share of imported drugs is more than 68%. With the rise of the dollar, their value can grow

the Pharmaceutical companies import intermediates fillers for shape and color of drugs. Shipments coming from Europe, and now because of the quarantine they are suspended. If we leave out the exchange rate fluctuations, the availability of imports – this is normal. There are no countries that in the pharmaceutical industry, producing everything themselves fully. So, from Russia actively exported antiviral drugs in the countries of South-East Asia. To smooth out the effect of the exchange rate will help to zero import duties for pharmaceuticals and components for the manufacturininclude individual medication, the project of such decision made on Friday to the Eurasian economic Commission, said the state Secretary – Deputy Minister of Finance Alexey Sazanov. In this situation, ARPM sent to the state Duma with the request to postpone the transition period for the labelling of medicines, which will be held from 1 July. The equipment for marks comes from Italy, to train our companies Italian professionals need to come to Russia – all this is impossible.