Former chief sanitary doctor of Russia Gennady Onishchenko has told, in what scenario can undergo a phased lifting of the isolation regime in Russia.

The first question we have to think about the resolution of the outdoor events, but on an individual basis. Then to allow joint walk with the family — the people who are sitting in isolation. We believe that additional opportunities to get infected they will not, but the walk is quite possible. And of course, respect for social distance, so that families not seeing other people. Then, at the very least, allow access to the walk the older group, over 65 years — quoted Gennady Onishchenko radio Sputnik.

He added that in the first stage may have to open beauty salons, restaurants with home delivery. In the second stage allowable the discovery of small retail outlets, sports centres and churches. This institution should ensure completion of the premises is only 30%, and where possible, the transfer of service on the street. Gennady Onishchenko said that at first, institutions can work with clients by appointment.

Former chief sanitary doctor of the Russian Federation reported that at the last stage already will open cafes, restaurants, cinemas, theatres and other cultural institutions. Institutions will also need to ensure the filling only 30%. And visitors must keep a distance and wear masks.

And even in the last stage can be recovered completely free movement, but with the recommendation of the use of masks. Imagine how many people will be in the subway, when allowed movement… Masks should be mandatory and, of course, the social distance of two meters, — cited the words of Gennady Onishchenko on radio Sputnik.

Wrote earlier, Gennady Onishchenko believes that the regime of isolation for older people can be compromised with the onset of heat.