60 kilos of edible food. As much as we throw the Swiss in a typical year in the waste. The main reasons for this: The lack of perception of their own food waste, lack of awareness of the value of food as well as insufficient Knowledge about the shelf life, storage, and methods for recycling, writes the Federal office for the environment. Specifically: We do not understand the date of minimum durability (best before date) often correct.

The date of minimum durability is not the ‘ use by date

“minimum shelf life data are not defined in the food law. The date of minimum durability depends strongly on the manufacturing process, the ingredients (raw materials), as well as other factors”, explains Eva van Beek, media spokesperson from the Federal food safety and veterinary office to VIEW. “The manufacturer has to determine the quality of life by means of ensure and, therefore, a date until when the food retains its properties. It is possible that after this date, taste, smell, and texture change.”

This means that you have to expect as a Consumer after the expiry of the date of minimum durability (in Switzerland often “expiration date”) that the product slowly, the Aroma or the consistency changed. It starts to dry out, for example. These points are, however, no reason why it is suddenly a pain in the arse should be. It is only when it is attacked by bacteria or fungi or starts to rot, it creates danger.

caution the use by date

The “use by” date is much more delicate. It is used for products that are perishable, such as meat, and after a short time, pose a risk to the health of a person. To bring food after its ‘use by’ date in circulation, is prohibited.

his senses

leave it up to his nose and scrutiny, recommends the Swiss society for nutrition. The “Tafel” in Germany is the following rule of thumb: Look at it, smell it, taste it. Many of the food are far beyond the date of minimum durability, in addition to enjoyable. The following is a listing of the most common products.

food shelf life beyond the expiration date eggs+ 21 days hard cheese+ 21 days in soft cheeses+ meats 7 days Butter+ 21 days+ 5 days of milk+ 2 days yogurt+ 5 to 10 days (unopened!) Bread+ 2 days (do not refrigerate!) Honey unopened no expiration date cereal+ 2 months freezing Frozen vegetables+ 6 months

bread correctly so that it stays fresh.

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How long frozen keeps bread have

As in the case of meat, for bread that keeps it frozen forever. Whole loaves of bread are about six months, slices of about three months. Because even at minus 18 degrees Celsius, the bread dries out still.

Set during the time in the freezer in the bread inside, white spots, that is no reason to worry. This is quite normal. It is not just mould, but rather crystals that formed during Freezing. During thawing, these Points disappear again.