to put it Mildly, unkind met Khabarovsk appointed instead of Sergey Furgala acting Khabarovsk territory Governor Mikhail Degtyarev. People dissatisfied with the appointment, have expressed their opinion with all means available and under Tuesday night under the Windows of the administration gathered hundreds of protesters. The protest escalated into a traditional procession through the town.

About his appointment Mikhail Degtyarev wrote in the social network. And also gathered thousands of critical comments.

the Khabarovsk and really was in no hurry to accept it. Three hours before the arrival of Mikhail Degtyarev unknown reported about mining of the airport. However, flight is not prevented.

Immediately on arrival Degtyarev made right in front of the airport to the Federal channel, before almost did not notice the mass protests in Khabarovsk. Promised to combat coronavirus and told that due to this infection lost “ten men of his notebooks”. Coronavirus infection, it seems, and will be the primary “trick” Degtyarev. Promised after the submission of the local Cabinet press conference appointee for journalists was postponed “indefinitely” at the last moment in connection “with a complex epidemiological situation of the pandemic coronavirus”.

On the representation of the government Degtyarev asked all members of the Khabarovsk government to remain in their seats until further notice. Stated that will “work together with the government of the province all issues related to the coronavirus, the issues related to preparation for the heating season, projects that are implemented on the territory of Khabarovsk Krai”. And also — that “we need to unite all life to be worthy of that salary was paid on time, social support was in time to in the homes of Khabarovsk with the advent of cold weather it was warm”. And stressed: “Given the pandemic… that every life was saved. People’s health for us today — is the main thing.”

to Unite, I must say, was in a hurry not all. In the liberal democratic party, the local “party of power” was split. The Deputy of the legislative Duma of the Khabarovsk Krai Petr Emelyanov and Deputy of the city Duma of Khabarovsk Alexander Kayan decided to withdraw from the liberal democratic party. Emelyanov wrote that he, “as an honest and decent man, ashamed to pretend that nothing is happening” and “this policy” is not for him. Kayan said that he joined the liberal democratic party for the support of Sergey Furgala and now has no “moral right to remain a member of the party.”

Degtyaryov, however, said at the meeting with the government: “Peace and harmony, I’m sure, will come to the streets of cities in Khabarovsk Krai and in every home in the Khabarovsk region. Willing to work with you day and night. I promise you that the light in my window in the working ��abiname on the 10th floor will burn late into the night.” And he believes that was sent on the job because “the Federal center has heard and considered the opinion of the voters of Khabarovsk Krai”. The press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov on Tuesday, answering a question of journalists, has confirmed that President Vladimir Putin, appointing Mikhail Degtyarev, also take into account the opinions of residents of the region.

on Tuesday, apparently the lights were burning till late night in the office of the acting — peace and harmony in Khabarovsk were observed. Under the Windows administration gathered a huge crowd. The people demanded the return of Furgala sharply expressed distrust of Moscow, Degtyarev asked to go to them and explain their position. Part of the crowd later marched through the city, motorists traditionally welcomed the procession whistles. All of this can be seen in broadcasting on YouTube, you watched more than 5 thousand people. Words of support for the protesters wrote in the comments not only from Russia but also from abroad — Israel, France, Greece…

you’ve Heard of all these people, the Federal center is unknown. But the Federal channels did not see them — that’s for sure.