MOSCOW, may 7 — RIA Novosti, Anton Skripunov. One of the most famous Russian monasteries — Svyato-pafnutiev Borowski — was at the center of the scandal. The monks claim that they wanted to record sick coronavirus before testing. There was a conflict with the local authorities.

What happened at the monastery and how it ended — in the material RIA Novosti.

This video instantly made noise. At first it was spread YouTube channels then went on social networks. The Orthodox have forwarded the link in messengers to each other and friends. So, by the way, she got to the correspondent of RIA Novosti with a note: “the Monks of the monastery of Borovsk force recorded in patients with coronavirus!”.

the Video was recorded monk of the monastery, the famous Orthodox publicist hieromonk Roman (Kropotov). He spoke about the “interesting situation.” According to him, in the monastery April 30 from a local hospital the doctor came and gave them all to sign a document stating that they were informed about the diagnosis COVID-19

Some of the believers has divided his indignation. Comments under the video are similar to the rhetoric of those days, when it became known that the Passover will take place without members. Supposedly, this “campaign against the Church and faith.”

However, the local authorities quickly responded to the sensational appeal. It turned out that the verification of the brethren on coronavirus started after one of the officers was hospitalized with suspected disease and a few days later test gave a positive result.

the Administration of the Borovsky district was sent to the monastery of disinfectants. However, those working only in open areas, areas treated by the monks themselves.

“time to introduce a large number of people with instructions how to behave in the context of the epidemic, doctors use model forms. But the error occurred — I don’t need to explain which mode is now working doctors (according to the latest data, in the Kaluga region almost fifteen hundred cases. — Approx. ed.) — and not have those copies,” — explained the Deputy head of the Borovsky district Alexey Geraskin.

the Emergence of a video no one expected, said the official. The news was that in the monastery there is your doctor. This circumstance the monks explained the refusal to admit may 1, physicians for observation and tests.

a Similar case of misunderstanding — not the first. On the eve of palm Sunday, April 12, in the Komi Republic, Archbishop Pitirim of Syktyvkar has promised to sue the local Rospotrebnadzor prescribed close the churches on major holidays. At that time the region was the second incidence in the country.

on the Eve of Easter on the admission of believers to the temples with the regional authorities argued the Metropolitan Longin of Saratov. Complex��wshouse the situation he compared no less than a persecution of religion in Soviet times. In the end the congregation still came to service, however, was standing on the street. And on the approaches to the churches they were persuaded to stay home by the police.

each diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church has the authority to decide how to proceed in the current environment. Specially created by the Moscow Patriarchate working group on coordination of activity of Church institutions in terms of the spread of coronavirus infection have repeatedly pointed out that the situation is different. However, taking certain decisions, clergy must look to the recommendations of physicians.

“unfortunately, at the initial stage not all seriously the perceived threat, ignoring the warnings of doctors and the Church. In a separate monasteries and temples marked by a large number of cases of infection. In this regard, his Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill, a special decree has set the responsibility of the clergy for failure to comply with guidelines aimed at limiting the spread of coronavirus infection”, — reads the statement of the working group.

From the epidemic have suffered major centers of pilgrimage: the Trinity monastery, Diveyevo monastery. Raised a wave of criticism, Ministers accused almost in the “cowed the dissidents.” Judging by the comments in social networks, the attacks have not escaped and Borovsky monastery.

However, in reality everything turned out differently. As noted in the Kaluga diocese, the conflict between Pafnutiy and local authorities are settled.

the Information that the 45 inhabitants were tested for coronavirus, was confirmed in the administration of the Borovsky district.

“All differences resolved”, — stressed the Deputy head of the district Aleksey Geraskin.

the author of the scandalous video father Roman (Korotkov) in a new video message said, in the monastery had the “absolute trust in the doctors.”

“I would like to apologize to the paramedics, if you jumped to the wrong conclusions. There was no intention to build on someone slander,” said he.

Now pafnutiev Borovsky monastery is closed for quarantine until may 15. New cases of infection were reported.