the Peak of the increase of the diseases of the country took place in early April – just after a two-week incubation period after the beginning of the curve limits of new diseases have gone down, and the curve of healed – up. Around the same time managed to provide the population with masks – they were giving away at the entrances to supermarkets, which took over the costs of these remedies. This enabled the government of Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced plans for the gradual lifting of restrictions, while defining a first rule in one person to 20 square meters in the premises, from 1 may – one person per 10 square meters.

But Commerce is clearly ahead in this process culture. In this respect, only the opening of museums, allowed the second half of may promises some clearance. The famous Vienna Museum of art history and Albertina, and other treasures of the city are gradually announce that they will be revealed in the last weekend of may. And appoint – at different times – admission is free or donation. Although it served as a gesture of “solidarity with their fellow citizens”, it is clear that there are concerns that people are reluctant to go to museums, and tourists in Austria for an indefinite time will not. “Right now, when there are no tourists, the crowns have the opportunity to discover the pearls of the museums alone,” said the head of the city Museum holding Kurt Gollowitzer. Landmark shows such as “Driven Beethoven” at the Museum of art history are carried out in the autumn. But many details remain unclear, including by the Museum staff.

In the same way that the musical and theatrical life, the season will not resume, and even summer festivals it was impossible – the government announced that the ban on mass actions will continue until the end of the summer. Only the Salzburg festival, this year celebrating its 100th anniversary, is still not announcing the cancellation, although it is clear that in the planned scale, it does not pass you can.