Football in Russia appeared in the late nineteenth century and quickly became popular. Already in the mid-1890s years in Moscow hosted the first football matches. Of glavarkhiv Moskvy has collected documents about the development of domestic football in the early twentieth century.

clubs and societies players in the early twentieth century occurred when plants in urban areas (areas in pre-revolutionary Moscow) and wherever we are willing. So, according to the journal of the Moscow provincial Affairs of societies presence, in December 1912, it was registered the next circle players in “Lefortovo”. By 1913, there were already 25 sports clubs with football teams.

Preserved in the archives, and petition, filed by the Committee of the Moscow football League in 1913 the Moscow city Duma. The League was asked to acknowledge her as the sole representative of football in Moscow and give her a special flag with image of city coat of arms. This meant that only the Moscow football League was able to organize local and international competitions with the participation of the Moscow teams.

This petition was signed by almost all members of the Committee of the Moscow football League headed by its Chairman and chief enthusiast of football in Moscow a Novel (Robert) of Fulda. It was his initiative to create the Moscow football League. In 1910 novel Fulda sacrificed the League Cup for the champion team of the capital (it was given to autumn 1922). The winner of the Moscow championship in football was also called the Cup of Fulda.

Among the Committee members of the League were many Englishmen settled in Russia. Britain was the home of football, and from there to Russia and brought a new game.

the popularity of football can be judged by the advertising of the time. For example, the famous Moscow shop “Muir and merilis” reported that sells “the world’s best soccer balls McGregor and MMM leather khaki-chrome” and “the world’s best football boots McGregor”. The Moscow firm “the Brothers M. and M. Tsygankova” offered the balls for football from “specially prepared, thick, elongated and progrevanie skin”.

Gradually from foreign football games has become one of the favorite in Russia sports, the interest in which grows with time. The world championship held in Russia in 2018, was only a confirmation of this.

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