Going to the toilet is becoming more expensive at most motorway service stations and service areas in Germany. From November 18, the toilet operator Sanifair wants to increase the usage fee for the around 400 toilet facilities it operates along the motorways from 70 cents to 1 euro, as the German Press Agency learned from company circles.

At the same time, the company is revising its well-known voucher model. In future, after paying the toilet fee, Sanifair customers will receive a voucher for the full amount of one euro paid. Previously, there was only a value voucher for 50 cents at a price of 70 cents. The voucher can be redeemed when shopping at motorway service stations – but only one voucher per item.

The company explained that the use of the Sanifair facilities is therefore practically cost-neutral for guests at the rest stops. In view of the high prices at the motorway service stations, however, not all Sanifair customers use the vouchers.

It is the first price increase at Sanifair since the value voucher model was introduced in 2011. The company emphasized that the step allows the standards of cleanliness, service and comfort to be maintained in the long term despite the sharp rise in operating costs for energy, staff and consumables.

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