More than 600 servings of sushi as a thank-you note to the Aarschotse human resources for health and service providers. That is, it is a warm gesture of a sushi Shokudo.

To all the people who are fighting against the corona virus, a heart under the belt to put shares to the managing director, this week, free of charge, and there is a reason the Japanese delicacy, among other things, the staff of the residential care centres, the police and the ambulanciers.

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What is the corona virus? What are the symptoms? How can infection be avoided? What if you get sick? What measures are there in Belgium? For more about the corona virus, a Student designs a protective mask for the deaf, so that they can lip-read”

Student Ashley Lawrence, is a very noble initiative that is on the come up. In the Us sadly…
Fair shoot, suddenly move up from the lowest point in years, is the worst of the grief is behind us, and now is the time to buy stocks?

It can happen: in the middle of march was that the Ring 20 to the lowest point in years, following a dip by as much as 40 …
Police department keeps in touch on a teenager, “of which corona virus will spread”

The local police department of Carrollton, in the state of Texas, with her husband, and the power to find the…

“Apparently, everyone wanted to get in the morning is to come”: to run in Ghent, places that recycle, after the afternoon ground to a halt < / P> Ivago was given Tuesday morning to take a run at the places that recycle in Ghent, which for…

Aarschotse laundry facilities, processes nearly 50 tonnes of clothes from the university hospitals of Leuven, per week < / P>

with Nearly 50 pounds of dirty laundry of the university hospitals of Leuven to process, and it is in the coronatijden the weekly task of the application.