According to a newspaper report, the federal government is advising companies to buy emergency power generators because of the ongoing tension on the gas market. This is advisable “especially for operators of critical infrastructure”.

The federal government recommends companies to stock up on emergency generators because of the gas crisis. As the “Bild” newspaper reported on Saturday, citing a response from Economics Secretary Patrick Graichen (Greens) to CSU member of the Bundestag Stephan Pilsinger, the units are intended to compensate for possible power failures. “Equipping with emergency generators is particularly recommended for operators of critical infrastructure,” writes Graichen. The reason is that there is no “shutdown sequence” in the event of a crisis.

“In the event of a shortage of gas or electricity”, the Federal Network Agency takes over the function of the federal load distributor. “It is then responsible for the distribution of gas or electricity in close coordination with the network operators,” the government reply continues. Graichen therefore recommends that the emergency power generators should have a bridging time of 72 hours.

Pilsinger criticized the federal government’s request. “The fact that the government recommends the purchase of emergency generators is an oath of disclosure,” he told the newspaper.