Gina Rinehart, Australia’s richest woman, is calling for her portrait to be removed. The controversial picture should remain in the National Gallery.

Australian billionaire Gina Rinehart, known for her influence in the mining industry and her controversial comments on hard work and the minimum wage, is at the center of a dispute with the National Gallery of Australia.

As ORF reports, Australia’s richest woman has demanded that the museum remove a portrait of her, painted by award-winning Aboriginal artist Vincent Namatjira, from the current exhibition. However, the National Gallery in Canberra refuses to endorse this.

The portrait in question, part of a series by Vincent Namatjira, shows Rinehart in a manner that she apparently finds unflattering. The “Spiegel” reports that the entrepreneur, whose fortune is estimated by Forbes at over 30 billion US dollars, does not agree with the way the painter portrayed her.

There is no official statement from Rinehart, but it is suspected that she herself may have requested that the work be removed.

Rinehart, 70, who inherited her company, Hancock Prospecting, from her father and built it into one of the world’s largest mining companies, is a politically influential figure.

She regularly uses her contacts to defend against stricter climate protection laws and has already attended several events hosted by former US President Donald Trump. At the same time, their relationship with China is important due to their company’s extensive exports.

Although 40-year-old Namatjira, known for his satirical depictions and an Archibald Prize winner, has not yet commented, the painting remains on display and will be on display until July 21.

The controversy may have further fueled public curiosity about the exhibition. So far there is no sign that the National Gallery of Australia will back down.

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