In Vienna, the police had to intervene when a 22-year-old woman was eating in a restaurant and disappeared without paying. The incident escalated when she became violent towards staff and police.

A 22-year-old caused a stir in downtown Vienna when she refused to pay her restaurant bill. According to the Vienna Police Department, the young woman left the restaurant without paying. When an employee pointed this out to her, she allegedly punched him in the jaw.

According to police, the woman was later picked up by police near Stephansplatz. When she refused to provide any information about her identity, she was subjected to a cursory search. In the course of this, she is said to have insulted a police officer and hit her in the face. The 22-year-old was then arrested and is now in police custody.

Drinking is usually a minor offense and not a reason for arrest. But the attack on the restaurant employee and the police officer in this case means that the punishment is seriously increased.

In Sweden, too, a restaurant fell victim to a carousing scam. 35 guests dined like a prince and simply left the bill for 7,300 euros lying around.

A 19-year-old was brutally killed on the street in the Spandau district of Berlin. As FOCUS learned online from police circles, the victim is a refugee. The background is said to be an act of revenge for a murder that was committed in Turkey.

A student applied for a part-time job at the university. The job interview became a humiliation for her.