Armed forces upheld the suspension of activities of

In mid-January, the court of first instance satisfied the claim of the Ministry of justice have suspended the activities of the party “Civil initiative”. The Ministry of justice said then that the findings in 2018 planned documentary check was twice issued warnings to the party. Violations of the law were not corrected in full within the prescribed period, i.e. until 4 October 2019, after which it filed an administrative petition to suspend the activities of the party for three months.

Photo: Sergey Mikheev/ RG the Supreme court has explained, than a car theft different from theft

In court representatives of the Ministry of justice pointed out that the party has partially removed the deficiencies, however, more than a year some of them have not been eliminated. In particular, the “Civil initiative” has not informed on change of the Chairman of the party in proper form, received the members of the party to the writing of the corresponding statement, made changes to the party Constitution in violation of the law not as a legally organized Congress.

When considering the appeal in the Supreme court, as the “Interfax”, representatives of the party insisted on the groundlessness of the claims of justice, as well as on costs and in General the impossibility of carrying out of the Congress due to the introduction of restrictive measures in connection with the pandemic coronavirus.

In turn, the representative of the Ministry of justice in the court noted that the suspension does not mean the prohibition of activities of the party. According to her, this time is given to the fact that the party has directed its activities to address the violations.

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“with regard to the pandemic, in Moscow banned the event, numbering more than 50 people. The Congress party may hold with the participation of representatives of regional offices, and this is 43. That is quite the party could hold the Congress, to resolve violations of the Charter. As for the argument that it is costly, then creating a batch, you should be ready that it will be necessary to conduct the congresses and it will require some funds and costs”, – said the representative office.

In the end, the Supreme court upheld the position of the Ministry of justice.