members of the National Institute of anthropology and history Mexico (INAH) Dr. Pedro Francisco sánchez and archaeologist of the Tunic Almanza presented the new research explaining why the ancient inhabitants of Mesoamerica the pyramids were built.

a Brief report on this event published on the website INAH. The authors were 13 scientists, including from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and arts.

They analyzed the famous pre-Hispanic objects found in Mexico. The most significant of them are the pyramids. Scientists have tried to explain the reasons why ancient people built the pyramid, and also to understand their purpose. The explanation is pretty simple.

the Pyramids are located throughout Mexico. And they are not the same, but have unique architectural elements. They are United only by a pyramidal structure. According to Sanchez, they are copies of the sacred mountains.

Scientists believe that ancient people imitated nature, which was met with a pyramidal shape. For example, a great impression on them was able to produce silhouettes of the volcanoes that were considered places, the birthplace of life itself. Thus, the “copy” of the volcano might have a sacred significance.

As indicated by scientists, the pyramidal shape often found in nature. For example, as a result of many years of accumulation of various materials, sediment. In addition, this geometric form facilitates the task of construction of a high monumental object that ancient people, who had not even wheel, was especially important.

In the work States that the pre-Hispanic societies of Mesoamerica not only wanted to visually recreate the mountain, but to lay it mythical, sacred sense, associated with the legends about the origin of life.

that is why, the researchers explain, the pyramids were centers of ancient cities were built along the Central axis, against which was arrayed all other objects. Scientists agreed that the city built around the pyramids, were models – they reflect how the ancient builders had imagined his world.