Germany is on the brakes when it comes to eco-fuels, but countries like Sweden have already significantly reduced the fossil fuel content. Aral is now also testing two new fuels in Germany.

“Aral Futura Super 95 and Aral Futura Diesel” are the names of the two types of fuel, which can initially only be filled up at one Aral station in Berlin and one in Düsseldorf. According to Aral, the types of fuel contain at least 30 percent non-fossil components from renewable sources. A car that is filled up with climate fuel causes around 25 percent less CO2 than a normal diesel or petrol engine.

In some countries, such as Sweden, more than a third of the diesel fuel comes from renewable sources. By 2030, a CO2 reduction of around two-thirds for diesel and one-third for petrol should be achieved.

In the US state of California, too, eco-fuel plays a central role in the CO2 reduction targets. According to estimates, in 2030 in California 80 percent of all commercial vehicles will still be sold with diesel engines – compared to electrifying the fleet, the “decarbonization” of traffic with climate fuels is possible much faster and cheaper.

However: At the pump, Kima fuels are initially more expensive for customers than fossil diesel. The fuel lobby is therefore calling for better tax treatment for renewable fuels so that they can become competitive in the end customer business in the long term.

In Germany, the topic does not play a major role in the federal government. The electric car lobby in particular is fighting against climate fuels because they fear that they will increasingly be seen as an alternative to expensive electric cars. In addition, there is not enough renewable electricity to use for fuel production. However, the new types of fuel are definitely interesting for Germany in particular, because the German electricity mix will become dirtier in the coming years as a result of the phase-out of nuclear power and the simultaneous increase in coal-fired power generation – and with it the CO2 balance sheet of electric cars.

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